About Rateable​  

Rateable is an app that allows you to rate and review films and series and share with other film and series enthusiasts like you, in the app or on social media. You can find 500.000+ films and 90.000+ series inside the app. With Rateable you can let your friends know what great film or series you’ve just watched, that they must see (or shouldn’t). You can look up what films and series are trending at the moment, so you can decide what to watch. 

What is Rateable?  

Rateable consists of a small creative team with big ambitions. Our team has educational backgrounds and experience in engineering, product development, software development and customer service.


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The Rateable app crew 

The Rateable app vision 

Rateable is a startup company that envisions to connect film and series experiences with digital social platforms and giving the opportunity to share thoughts and opinions on film and series experiences with people. Our dream is to let people inspire each other to experience the best film and series and heightening the quality of film and series watching for every Rateable app user.  

Use of API

This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.


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